Rain coming down from your chimney can be irritating. Some people assume that it is quite normal. However, if the problem persists every time it rains, this means that you need chimney repair and an expert should take a look at it as soon as possible. This is important as water damage can fix other areas in your house. So, let’s discuss some possible reasons and what you can do to fix it.

Structural Damage To The Chimney Itself

One of the most common reasons for the rain to leak into the chimney is if there is physical damage to it. Chimneys have a lifetime, which means that they will wear out after 10-15 years. The reason is that the portion of your chimney facing the outside is constantly exposed to external factors such as high wind, rain, and snow, etc.

All these factors can reduce the overall life of your chimney, which will eventually lead to cracks and chips. These cracks and chips between stones or bricks need to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent the water from leaking. The last thing you would want is a water pool inside your house on a rainy day.

Chimney Crown Damage

Another possible reason for rain leaking inside your house is if there is any damage to the chimney crown. This structure is installed at the top of the chimney, typically featuring a sloped surface that allows the rainwater to slide and prevent from entering the flue.

If the chimney crown happens to be damaged or cracked, these issues can easily interfere with the flow of the rainwater. Not only that, there is a high chance that the rainwater will also enter the flue. In the case of your chimney crown being faulty, you will notice extreme leakage during heavy rainfall.

Chimney Lining Problems

The inside of a chimney’s flue includes a clay lining that protects the masonry from the heat generated by your fireplace. It also prevents rainwater from leaking inside. With time, the clay lining will lose its strength and will crack or chip. As a result, you will need to replace it with specialized alloy piping or stainless steel lining.

Therefore, if you notice that rainwater is constantly dripping into your fireplace, you need to realign your chimney. This is perhaps one of the best ways to keep your chimney maintained. Additionally, during the realigning process, it is common for the team to make some structural adjustments to accommodate the new lining. With that being said, do not panic if the team tends to fix small issues during the process. Moreover, hire reliable people to avoid problems.

Roof Leaks Around The Chimney

Roof leaks tend to be another common reason for rain leaking through your chimney and down into the fireplace. If you observe your chimney up close, you will notice strips of flashing surrounding the chimney at roof level. Even though these flashings prevent water from entering the chimney, but they can crack and chip over time.

In such a case, the leaking rainwater will also make its way into other areas of the house. Such issues need to be fixed by a roofer or a chimney repairer. Otherwise, you will end up spending more money fixing the problem in the long run.

Fixing The Problem

If your chimney is leaking, you should hire a professional who will perform a thorough checkup of the roof. Sometimes, cracks or minor damages in the roof might be the culprit. Therefore, diagnosing the main cause of the problem is important.

Plus, a chimney comprises several different parts that can wear out with time, leading to leakages. Once the problem has been diagnosed, it should be fixed immediately. Ignoring the issue will lead to further problems in the future.

However, these problems are easily preventable if you were to hire a professional team that can perform regular inspections and fix any problems in return.

Final Word

That’s it! We have shared necessary information you should know if your rain is coming down chimney. Always hire professional chimney contractors Columbia MD and routinely inspect the chimney for any damages, wear and tear and cracks to fix the problem before they turn serious.