There are two major types of engineered countertops. Silestone countertops (quartz) and solid surface countertops. If you have decided to buy the robust and durable solid surface countertops for your kitchen. But, how do you know what to look for, when it’s your first time buying anything countertop related? Don’t fret, because this guide has you covered from the front and the back.

The Size Of The Countertop

First things first, before buying solid surface countertops for your kitchen, you need to measure the space of the counters first. This is probably the most important thing that you need to do, because if the countertops aren’t the right size, then you’ll be wasting your money.

If the countertops don’t fit, then you will be back to square one. So, to save your time and money, you should grab that measuring tape right now and measure the space for your countertops. To be on the safe side, write down the measurements on a notepad and re-measure the dimensions once more so that you know you have everything down perfectly.


Next comes the actual search for solid surface countertops. Even though these countertops are pretty common, you still want to go to shops and retailers and find a good variety of the material there. In some cases, solid surface countertops might be available in bulk, and in others, their availability might be scarce. So, you need to take some time out and search for these bad boys the best you can.

Don’t just settle for one shop. You have the internet on your side, in this case, so take full advantage of the fact and browse different retailers near you and see if they have solid surface countertops in a decent variety. You want to have a couple of options to choose from, which is why you want to search for retailers that have a good variety of solid surface countertops. The choice will be easier in the long run.

Prefabricated Or Custom Countertops

This is something a lot of people can feel confused over when selecting solid surface countertops. Usually, these countertops are either available in slab form or they are available in pre-cut and already-designed varieties. Prefabricated countertops are a lot easier to install and they have sink cutouts and other cavities that are ready to be installed.

Custom countertops, on the other hand, give you more freedom with design and it’s up to you how you want these slabs to look, however, they can run a little bit more expensive than the former. So, the decision is yours to make.

The Color

The next important step is to figure out which color you want. Solid surface countertops are pretty forgiving when it comes to colors and you can get pretty much any hue you want in these slabs. Since they’re mostly made out of resin, dye, and pulverized stones, you can have any color mixed in and these slabs will look amazing. When selecting a color for countertops, you want to keep two primary things in mind.

First, you want to keep the kitchen interior décor in mind. You want the countertops to compliment the rest of the kitchen. Secondly, go for a color that isn’t too light otherwise you’ll spend the rest of your days wiping it down to get it to look clean.

Edge Design

The next order of importance is the edge design of the countertops you’re buying. This is also something that you need to have an idea about before heading into the store. Countertop edges play a very crucial role, not just in appearances, but in performance as well.

So, make sure that you’re choosing an edge that won’t chip or break instantly and will add more strength to the entire slab. All edges are equally good, so all you need to do is figure out which one you want and then look at the designs the retailer has to offer.

Find The Best Shops

Half the battle when buying countertops of any kind, let alone solid surface countertops, is finding good retailers. There’s just a lot that’s at stake if you don’t find a good shop that sells quality countertop materials. This is where reviews can help you out.

When looking for a retailer that has a good variety of solid surface countertops, you want to look at client reviews. They are good indicators to let you know whether the shop is even worth visiting or not.

Don’t Forget About The Kitchen Island

This might not cross a lot of people’s minds, but you want to have all bases covered. Do you want solid surface only for the countertops or do you want to use it for the kitchen island too? A lot of people have countertops and island combos in their kitchens and they want to get something that’s great for both.

So, don’t forget about the island when you’re thinking of getting new countertops because you might as well get both done than work in small chunks.

Who Will Install The Countertops?

This is more like a post-purchase thing you need to keep in mind, but it’s just as important. You need to think about the actual installation of the solid surface countertops in the kitchen. Of course, you can do it by yourself, if you’re an expert in these things, however not everyone can do it and they need someone to get these slabs installed.

You can ask your retailer for a countertop installation service or you can hire a countertop replacement Durham NC contractor. It is going to cost you a bit either way, but you’ll get the job perfectly and seamlessly.

The Budget

When getting solid surface countertops for your kitchen, you need to think about the money you’re spending on them too. The budget you allocate is crucial because you don’t want to have too low or too high of a budget. Solid surface countertops aren’t expensive per se, but they do require a bit of budgeting, especially if you don’t want to end up with an empty wallet by the end of all of this.

Always plan a budget whenever you want to buy new countertops. You won’t regret it in the end and you’ll have a good sense of spending too.

Maintenance Of Solid Surface Countertops

You need to think about the maintenance of solid surface countertops. This is something you need to keep in mind before buying countertops because you want to invest in a material that’s reasonably easy to maintain and doesn’t need a lot of attention. Luckily, solid surface is amazing when it comes to maintenance.

All you need to do is clean it every day, keep it safe from heat and scratches and you’re pretty much good to go. You don’t need to slave over these countertops, which is amazing and a big plus point.


Solid surface countertops are pretty easy to get your hands on, and now you know exactly what to look for when you walk into the store. As mentioned earlier, there is another type of engineered countertops that is quartz. If you have a higher budget for countertop installation, then consider quartz kitchen countertops Raleigh NC.