Marriage can have ups and downs. Both partners put effort together to make the relationship last and have a happy marriage. However, if the efforts are not there from your spouse, you should consider the below signs to move on and file for divorce with the help of a family lawyer.

Instance(s) Of Domestic Violence

Violence is of different types like physical, psychological, and sexual. This is also one of the most obvious signs that your marriage and over and you should get a divorce.

Some people argue that if it’s one instance of domestic violence, it should be forgiven. It may be possible for some couples where the relationship is not completely unhealthy, but for others, there is a risk of more instances later.

No Sexual Intimacy

Sexual desire changes over time. Newlywed couples have strong sexual desire and it can decrease over time. Moreover, many couples have differences in how frequently they want to be sexually intimate. Women, after having children, experience lower sexual desire than men.

What happens in a healthy marriage is that the couple works through these differences and make effort to stay physically and emotionally intimate.

However, if you can’t recall the last time you felt intimate both emotionally and physically with your spouse and the thought of intimacy with your spouse makes you uncomfortable, it’s a sign that your marriage is near its end.

Both Or One Spouse Feels Frequent Anger Towards The Other

Occasional feelings of anger towards your spouse are completely fine. It happens in every marriage. If you feel frequent anger towards your spouse and your spouse acts angrily with you most of the time, the marriage might be over.

Being constantly angry with your spouse indicates that there are internal or external issues in the marriage. If you can identify the issues and solve them, it can help in going towards a healthy marriage, but when the issues remain unresolved, you know the marriage doesn’t have a chance anymore.

In some cases, the ongoing anger turns into physical or emotional abuse which can make things worse and divorce may be the only option.

Lack of Respect And Trust

Apart from love, there are also two more feelings that are the building block of a relationship — respect and trust.

In a healthy relationship, both spouses respect each other even if they don’t always agree with each other. This is because both of them understand that every person is different and welcome it because it allows for more diversity in the relationship and in the decisions made together.

However, if you or your spouse have lost respect for the other, it will directly impact your relationship and marriage.

Additionally, trust has the same effect. If spouses don’t trust each other, the marriage has less chance to last. It’s possible that a spouse breaks trust, but they will have to earn it back. If this doesn’t happen soon, one or both spouses will begin considering separation or divorce to end the failed marriage.

Disliking Your Spouse

You may not like one or a few habits of your spouse. This is normal in marriages. However, if you don’t enjoy the company of your spouse and you can’t find any good quality in the person anymore, it’s time to ponder over your marriage.

Sometimes, unrealistic expectations can impart the same feeling. So, before rushing into divorce, consider couples therapy. However, if there are many problems in the relationship along with this issue, then divorce should be considered.

No Future Plans With The Spouse

If your visualization of the future doesn’t include your spouse, it’s a clear sign that your marriage is over. Some marriages are held together due to children and when the last child leaves, the marriage falls apart.

There Is No Compromise

Compromise plays a big role in marriages as well. But it works only when both people show the willingness to stay in the marriage by reaching a middle ground when there is a conflict.

If there is compromise or only one person compromises every time, then the marriage might be over.


If you can relate to any of the above signs, consider couple’s therapy. Many marriages can be saved with effort. However, if therapy doesn’t work for both of you, hire a divorce attorney Fairfax VA to initiate the divorce process.