Induction cooktops are an easy and simple to use kitchen appliance that help people prepare delicious meals in a matter of minutes. However, if something goes wrong such as your induction cooktop not heating, you might be looking at some complicated problems and a cooktops repair technician should be contacted. However, there is no need to panic. Let’s take a look at some common induction cooktop problems and how you can troubleshoot them.

Pan Compatibility And Position

Even though induction cooktops are effective and efficient in terms of cooking, they tend to be quite fickle as well. For your information, induction cooktops use electromagnetic field to heat up the pan. This means that the position and compatibility of the pan is crucial. Either of the situations could cause your induction cooktop to not heat.

The pan should be placed directly on the cooktop. If the pan is hanging over the burner or is too small for the burner area, you will need to adjust the position or purchase an appropriate size.

Furthermore, if you have installed a new induction cooktop or plan on installing one, keep in mind that your old pans and pots will not be compatible. Induction cooktops use a special kind of pans that are designed to cook food properly. Pans made of copper or aluminum will not work at all.

If you observe there is a problem with your induction cooktop, you should use a magnet and see if it sticks to the cooktop. If it attracts a magnet, it means it will work with your cooktop.

The Induction Stovetop Lacks Power

Induction cooktops use electromagnetic fields to cook food. This requires a constant supply and use of power. In most induction cooktops, there is typically a light that lights up when the cooktop is receiving power. That said, if you observe that nothing is lighting up while using your induction cooktop, it means there is something wrong with the power.

The first thing you should check is the circuit breaker. Check for any blown fuses and replace them. Plus, check the connection of the unit with the main power supply as well. Furthermore, inspect the wires for any cracks or damage as a mouse or rat problem can lead to issues.

If you find no issues with the circuit breaker or the wires, you will need to inspect the copper wiring and coil under your induction stove. However, for this step, you will need to disconnect the cooktop from the main power supply. It is better to follow the user’s manual to help remove screws and brackets. Inspect the burners and replace any blown fuses under the copper coils.

The Burner Is Faulty

Induction cooktops generate electromagnetic field by using copper coils located under each induction area. That said, if there is a problem with the coils such as they have simply malfunctioned or the glass cooktop has cracked, it will need to be replaced.

You will need to follow the user’s manual to remove the glass top and access the coils. Make sure that you disconnect the cooktop from the main power supply and remove the coils carefully. Plus, the coils are locked in place using springs. If they do not come with the replacement coils, you will have to purchase them separately.

The Stove Is In Lock Mode

Most induction cooktops are only activated when they are touched. This helps save electricity instead of wasting it. Moreover, induction cooktops also come with a lock mode that prevent kids from playing around with the unit. If the lock mode is engaged, there will be an indicator light to show it.

To unlock the cooktop, you will need to use the control panels and consult the user’s manual. The procedure varies for different manufacturers. However, if you observe that nothing is happening upon touching the buttons, it means the problem is more complex than you can handle. Therefore, try restarting your induction top to see if it works. It will also unlock your cooktop to allow you to cook food.

Final Word

Getting your induction cooktop to work can be both easy and complicated at the same time. If you know your way around induction cooktops, you can try following the tips mentioned above. But if not, do not risk yourself and find an appliance repair Fairfax expert to help solve the problem.