Weddings, as fun as they are to plan, they can become stressful if you aim for perfection. A simple and modern wedding sounds more breezy to plan. You will need to hire party and tent rentals who can fulfill this demand. If you’re interested in giving your big day that modern flair, then keep on reading for some wonderful tips.

Simple Décor

One of the ways by which you can completely switch your wedding style from traditional to contemporary, is by going light on the décor. A lot of the time, too many flowers, arrangements, backdrops, and props can make the wedding theme look cramped and overdone.

If you want it to look effortless and minimal, then go for a couple of décor options and that’s about it. You will end up loving the results and the best part? It will save you so much money as well.

Minimal Wedding Dresses

Every woman dreams of the perfect wedding dress but do you know what’s modern and classic at the same time? A wedding dress that’s minimal yet impactful. Wedding dresses can be so overdone at times, that they lose their appeal, so bring the spirit back in with a gorgeous and minimal wedding dress.

You will be able to walk more easily in it, the attire will be breathable and everyone will love it. Sometimes, you just need to take a break from all of those poofy dresses and go for something that compliments your physique and style.

Use What You Have

A modern wedding calls for simplicity and ease. So, this is the perfect time to make do with what you already have. If you have cars that can take people to and from the venue, then there’s no need for transportation services.

If you have sentimental things that can be used for the wedding, like some simple heirloom jewelry and even footwear, then use those to your advantage. No one has to go all-out for their wedding and keeping things simple is going to give your wedding that layer of modernity that you love so much.

Make Minimal Invitations

Invitations are also something by which you can exude that contemporary style. Go for monochromatic tones and colors, when deciding on the invitations and the font needs to be crisp and clean as well.

The last thing you need is to make your invitations look extremely traditional and if you want to skip physical invitations altogether, then go for beautiful e-invitations and send them to your guests via message. It’s much less wasteful and there won’t be any hassle of delivering these invitations on time either, because you can even send them to your guests on the go.

Skip The Traditions

Certain traditions make weddings special, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to follow them to the T. It’s up to you which traditions you want to keep and which ones are better off skipped.

Traditions are costly as well, and they don’t serve any purpose, so make things simple and modern and ditch the traditions. You’ll make a mark and this is something that will be remembered by your guests as well because it’s a unique detail.

Keep The Theme Simple

The wedding theme is also something that couples stress over a lot and if you want to stay sane during the entirety of the wedding prep, then you should keep things simple. A simple layout, with 1 or 2 color combinations, light décor and emphasis on quality will not only keep the burden off your shoulders, but you’ll see that the wedding décor will be so eye-catching and alluring that the guests won’t be able to peel their eyes away from it. This is what modern weddings are all about Simplicity and quality.

Flowers – Simple And Gorgeous

Flowers are a must for every wedding, but the trick to make the décor more modern, is to go for minimal flower arrangements. Flowers are beautiful by themselves and if you crowd up too many flowers, then things might look a bit overdone.

So, run through the catalog of flowers for your wedding and select either one or two that stand out to you the most. The flowers will add that element of freshness and if you opt for a minimal arrangement, then it will be a breath of fresh and fragrant air that will be a statement throughout the entire wedding.

A Contemporary Venue

Venues also play an important role in giving your wedding a specific appeal. There are traditional venues like chapels, gardens, and reception areas that a lot of people go for, but if you want your wedding to look modern, then you need to hunt for the perfect venue that screams your personality and taste.

This can be a resort or a hotel with a poolside or spacious banquet with mirrored floors and an open area concept. These venues will add that missing touch to your wedding and with the perfect décor from wedding party rentals Rockland NY, you’ll love the results in the end.

An On-Trend Menu

Food is also something that can turn your wedding from nothing to something. Even though the food needs to be palatable and amazing, it won’t hurt if you go with some trendy options of yummy morsels. These things can include trendy cakes, light appetizers, very unique main courses, and desserts that will hit the spot just right after a meal.

As for drinks, modern beverages and non-alcoholic sparklers will do the trick, without giving anyone the regretful trip. The presentation of the food and beverages is also important for a modern wedding, so make sure to keep that detail in mind too.

A Dazzling Entryway

Entryways are normally forgotten about in wedding planning, but you don’t want to be that person. Your entryway has to look like a banger because it’s the first thing that people see when they enter the wedding venue. You don’t need it to look obnoxious, because modern and overdone just don’t go together.

Make it stylish, minimal, and barely-there, so that this detail can shine in all of its glory. You can have a small welcome note to let the guests know that they’re at the right place and jazz up the space with lots of lights and a touch of fragrant flowers.

Lights Over Drapes

Speaking of lights, they are the new drapes and people love this idea. Drapes can, sometimes, look very immature and bland and there’s not a lot that you can do to jazz them up, but lights are multifunctional.

They not only illuminate the space, but the slight twinkle and dazzle will also double up as décor. So, when in doubt, go for extra lights, because they’re going to make the entire space look so gorgeous and starlit, that no one will be able to take their eyes off this sparkling masterpiece.


A modern wedding doesn’t mean that it should be plain and boring by any means, but it’s easier to handle and plan and there’s not a lot of hassle. These tips are nothing less than lifesavers. Your vision, the venue, and wedding tent rentals Rockland NY matter a lot.