Whether it’s your natural hair color or a hair dye, you might be worried, regardless, if it starts to fade away prematurely. What might be the cause of the fading of your hair color or balayage hair highlights? Well, here are a couple of things that can lead up to this happening.

Too Much Sun

Did you know that the sun can also damage your hair color and lead it to get more faded? Well, yes, the sun is a big ball of terror for your hair and you need to protect it, just like you protect your skin. Just like your skin, your hair is also susceptible to damage from the harmful UV rays and you need to put a barrier in between the two. You can try a couple of things.

If you live in an area, where the sun is always blazing and you work outside a lot, then wearing a cap is a must. Secondly, some products have SPF for hair as well. Surprising, right? Well, there are serums, shampoos, and even leave-in conditioners that have SPF in them and you can spritz them on, before leaving for work and your hair will look perfectly smooth and will be protected from the sun as well. Now that’s innovative and you should give it a try.

Frequent Heat Styling

Some of us are just fans of styling their hair daily, but it’s not all that good for your mane. Too much heat and excessive use of heating tools, that too without a heat protectant, can lead to damage and it can also make your hair color look dull and faded. You don’t want that to happen, so it’s time to change things up.

If you’re a serial heat tool user, then it’s time to put it away for some time and resort to more natural ways of styling your hair. You can try the overnight curling method or rollers to add natural waves to your hair and set it in place, with a strong hold hair spray.

Using Hot Water

A lot of people tend to use hot water in the shower and while that’s okay, the results can be bad, if you’re not being too careful. Using hot water on your hair regularly will fry the follicles and it will also make the hair color look faded than before.

You want to switch to lukewarm water or even a cold shower for your hair because that’s going to restore the hair color and shine.

Using Unnecessary Products

A lot of the time, women can get carried away when searching for good products for their hair. You don’t want to make the same mistake, though. Yes, applying good products to your hair is a must, but you don’t want to overuse them either.

Using products that are not meant for your hair can lead to more bad than good and that’s not what you want. So, use products that suit your hair type and stick to a routine that your hair likes. You will see a difference in no time and your hair color won’t fade out.

Washing Your Hair Every Day

Women can be guilty of doing this, but that’s because they have a seemingly good reason for it. You might think that washing your hair frequently will get rid of the sebum in your hair, but that’s not true at all.

It strips the hair of its natural oils and this can lead to extremely dry and brittle hair. And in later stages, the harsh shampoo can make your color its next victim. This will lead to your hair looking lighter in color and faded and that’s not a good thing at all. So, beware of daily hair washing.

Exposure To Salt/Chlorine

If the beach and pool are in close vicinity to you, then you might take a dip or two without thinking. But the main concern here is the fact that seawater is extremely salty and pool water has a dangerous amount of chlorine in it, which can lead to a lighter hair color.

This is why it’s suggested that you skip the pool or beach if you’ve just dyed your hair, but these things are so harsh that even your natural hair color might fade out. So, if you want to take a dip in the pool or the ocean, then tuck your hair into a tight cap first because you don’t want to pay the price later.

Using Too Many Chemicals

Hair products have a lot of chemicals in them. Ammonia and sulfate are the two main culprits that can damage your hair to no extent. Sulfate lightens the hair color and it’s not good for you at all, especially if your hair is newly dyed and you want to preserve the color you got from a balayage hair salon Rockville.

This is why you want to search for sulfate-free shampoos and products that have keratin and protein in them, rather than parabens and ammonia if you don’t want to revisit the salon earlier than required.

Not Using Filtered Water

The shower head in your bathroom might seem harmless, but it’s anything but. If you have a problem with hard water in your home, then you better invest in a good shower filter, because hard water and hair don’t go together at all.

If you wash your hair constantly with the chemical-infused hard water, then you can start to see the color getting faded and there won’t be anything that you can do to rectify it. This is why a shower filter is important as it filters out all of the impurities so that your hair doesn’t fall victim to fading.

Not Nourishing Your Hair

Oils and hair masks are available for a reason and that’s nourishing and sealing the cuticles of the hair so that the hair doesn’t get damaged or fade out in color. You need to make it a habit to oil and nourish your hair, at least once a week, if not more, because that’s going to save your tresses from a lot of damage.

Oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil are thick and nourishing for the hair and they will lead to smooth and damage-free tresses in no time at all.

Using Products Without Reading The Ingredients

A lot of products that come in aerosols are infused with a lot of alcohol and that’s also the main thing that can make your hair look lighter. Alcohol reacts with the protein and pigment of your hair and dissolves it, leading to dry and lighter hair that is not a good look at all.

So, make it a habit to read the labels at the back of each product, because you will get a better idea as to what’s in the product that you’re about to put in your hair and how it can seriously damage your healthy mane.


These things, as simple as they are, might be detrimental to your hair, especially if the color is fading away at the speed of light. You want to restore your hair color as much as possible by only choosing top rated hair salons Rockville for hair dyeing treatment and using the right products.