Quartz is a very famous material for countertops, since it is strong, durable and is available in a variety of colors and designs. Grey quartz is also one of them. Here are some very good reasons why you should go for gray quartz kitchen tops.

Gray Is A Trending Color

Gray is a great color in general. In fact, it has been the most famous color this season for interior designing, and there’s no doubt about that. Gray is a monochromatic color and it doesn’t need a lot to stand out. It is also a very minimalistic color, which is great for smaller kitchens. It will give the illusion of a larger space, because of its color and the way that it goes with the rest of the interior. It is also a very trendy color, but classic at the same time. Gray is not like the bold colors, where it is only trendy for some time and then loses its popularity. It is a timeless color, which looks elegant with any kitchen countertop color combination.

It Goes With Everything

As mentioned previously, gray is a very complimenting color and it rarely clashes with any other color or design. It is a very easy color to deal with and it can be paired with different hues as well. You can go for gray countertops and either white, black or any other darker neutral color for the cabinets. So, a lot of people will love the fact that gray quartz countertops are great to pair with the rest of the kitchen décor, no matter what color it is.

Perfect Kitchen Island Material

Gray quartz is a great material for the kitchen island. Your kitchen island is the main centerpiece of the kitchen, so it needs to stand out. You can install gray quartz on top of the island surface to make it look like an accent piece and people will turn their heads to get another glance at the magnificent kitchen island. So, gray quartz is a great material to use if you want something to stand out, because of its characteristic appearance and beautiful color.

Strong Material

Quartz is generally considered to be a strong material, and gray quartz is no different either. It is engineered to last long and endure hard impacts. Gray quartz, just like ordinary quartz, is a very durable man-made material and it is also non porous, so it will not let any sort of liquid seep into the surface of the rock. If liquid starts to seep into any rock surface, like water, oil, etc. it can be a huge problem and it can lead to the rock becoming weak and it might break under slight impact, as time goes on.

Chemically Inert

Another great thing about gray quartz or quartz coutertops in general, is that it is not chemically active. It is an inert rock and doesn’t react with anything that goes on the surface. A lot of rocks can be sensitive to some cleaners and detergents and can cause dissolution of the rock, which will lead to bigger damage later on. But, quartz is a chemically inert material, which doesn’t show any reaction with acid or harsh cleaners, so it is quite durable and strong, to say the least.

Easy Maintenance

Lastly, quartz is easy to maintain and clean. Gray is a very easy color to clean, since it is not as dark as black and it doesn’t show a lot of dust and dirt on the surface either. So, you really don’t need to clean it a lot. As for cleaning the surfaces, all you need is a wet washcloth and a detergent, and everything will be cleaned within the blink of any eye. Gray quartz also doesn’t need a whole lot of maintenance either. Just an annual polish and varnish should do the trick.

There you have it! Gray quartz is a great material to choose for your kitchen countertops, since it is the best of both worlds. You get the neutral colors from the grey quartz as well as amazing properties of quartz material itself. Go to a quartz countertops dealer Rockville to choose a variation of gray that suits your style and your kitchen theme.