This guide will help you learn about the hydraulic crane as well as how it works. You will also be able to know about various uses hydraulic cranes to choose the right crane from crane rentals.

What Is A Hydraulic Crane?

Hydraulic crane is a type of crane but it is mainly used for heavy load and lifting equipment with more weight. An important distinction of the hydraulic crane is that unlike other electric or diesel-powered cranes, it makes use of a hydraulic system inside the crane. This system helps it carry and lift heavier equipment, loads and tools.

Moreover, the hydraulic system inside the hydraulic crane makes use of fluids which come in handy to lift and support material or whatever is to be lifted. Some of the hydraulic cranes are set on wheels or tracks but some can be stationary. There is a cab at the top which is for the operator. In addition, the hydraulic crane features a telescopic boom with the help of which the crane operators can reach objects at certain height and distance.

What Does It Do?

Lifting Heavy Objects

It has already been said that hydraulic cranes are different from other types of cranes. However, what makes these cranes so usable and helpful is their ability to lift and carry heavy objects which smaller cranes are unable to lift. They are used where heavy equipment is carried.

Various Types of Hydraulic Crane

In addition, you will find a variety of hydraulic cranes with different features and systems. However, the most used or common one is the system that includes a jib and piston to carry the weight and objects.

Popular in Workplace

Another amazing feature of the hydraulic cranes is that they are very popular for workplace use. The reason is that it contains a liquid based system which can be easily harnessed and thus increases safety. When compared with other types of cranes, hydraulic cranes are safer.

Extremely Stable in Use

You will be surprised to know that the hydraulic cranes are extremely stable in use. It is due to the hydraulic system these use. Once the crane has been installed, a certain pressure is maintained throughout the operation which ensures smooth functioning and an easy process of lifting materials.

The Simplest System

According to the experts, you will not find any system more simpler than the hydraulic crane system. For this reason, these are widely used in industrial areas, workplaces and for heavy duty projects. Effectiveness and simple mechanisms improve their demand.

Easy to Maintain Cranes

Moreover, there is another interesting feature about the hydraulic crane. They are quite easy to maintain and take care of. You will not need to do regular repairing or keep vigilant eyes. They are quite simple to maintain for long.

How Hydraulic Crane Works?

It is important to understand how the hydraulic crane works so that you can be fully familiar with it. The hydraulic cranes make use of a hydraulic system which is different from other crane’s systems. There is a complete system of hoses, pistons and pumps. With the help of these tools, the hydraulic crane produces a huge amount of power.

As the force increases, the power generated or produced is also larger. It should also be noted that once the system is fully prepared, the pistons inside the hydraulic system move oil back and forth which provides power. Moreover, the system which thus produces power is altogether sealed. But when there is any kind of leak, the pressure will be lost and the crane is unable to lift the load or material.

All of the system or mechanism is controlled by the operator who sits inside the cab. Various techniques to control the back and forth and up and down movement of the boom are used. It needs to be pointed out that two types of controls are used in the hydraulic crane. First is called joysticks which are responsible for left to right movement. The second is called foot pedals which helps extend the telescopic boom.


Hydraulic crane is a type of crane that makes use of the hydraulic system to produce power and thus lift and carry objects. They perform differently than other cranes. Now when searching crane for rent DC, you can rent hydraulic crane if its uses match your needs.