Weddings are stressful, but planning it is a whole different level of crazy. It can be really hard for people to figure out where it’s necessary to spend and where they should pump the brakes. Of course, the venue and wedding party rentals are a no brainer when comes to splurging, how to manage other parts of the wedding planning. Well, you’re in luck, because these tips are going to help you plan the perfect wedding.

Where You Should Spend?

Some things are just non-negotiable when it comes to wedding planning and you need to allocate a budget for that. Here are some of those things that need to be splurged on, because you know what they say: You get what you paid for.

The Food

Food is probably the most important part of any wedding. The last thing you want is to either run out of food or not have good quality food and these are both equally terrifying wedding nightmares. So, buckle up and plan strategically, because you want the best food and service that you will ever give anyone on your big day.

As a disclaimer, you don’t want to go all-out on the food either. Wasting is not a good thing, so just keep two primary priorities at the forefront. First, the food shouldn’t be too scarce, and second, it should be good in taste. This doesn’t mean that you need a 20-course Michelin star quality food for your wedding. That’s just bonkers and impossible in your wedding budget.

The Entertainment

The next order of importance is entertainment. This includes everything from the dance floor to the music band, to the activities and photo booth. These things are going to be the primary sources of entertainment and you need to spend money on it because there’s more to the wedding than just a ceremony. You don’t want your guests to die of boredom, so giving plenty of entertainment is always a good option.

A pro tip to remember here is to go for vendors who are experienced and professional. You don’t want to deal with any last-minute cancellations and rebuttals, so always do your research beforehand.

The Décor

Even though this might be debatable for some couples, décor does add that element of whimsical beauty to the wedding. You can opt for a minimal décor, but even with the good quality stuff, that’s going to be enough, because quality speaks volumes. When going for décor, make sure that you’re selecting a beautiful layout, setup, and materials for the décor.

These are the things that are going to leave everyone wowed and the pictures will also do justice, so whatever you do, if you have the money to squeeze in some décor, then certainly go for the best of the best.

The Planner And Vendors

Weddings are difficult to manage and that’s why you need wedding planners who can keep all the vendors in check. After hiring a wedding planner, you can be at ease because they will manage everything. If you don’t want to spend on a wedding planner, then you can still do on your own if you choose the right vendors. To vet them carefully and choose the valuable wedding tent rental packages Northern VA.

The Photography

Speaking of pictures, wedding photography is a memento and it’s something that you can look back on after years have passed. The last thing you need is bad wedding pictures, so to prevent that and avoid yourself from living in a pit of guilt and regret, bite the bullet and get a good wedding photographer. These people have a creative eye and they can turn one-dimensional photos into magic.

They’re not as expensive as you might think and if you negotiate right, then you can get your hands on a deal, that’s too good to be true, but it is real because you just sealed it.

The Flowers

Flowers are another thing that can be debatable, but they sure add a lot of beauty and softness to the wedding venue.

Yes, they’re perishable and you’re only going to be using them for one day, but if you can, try to get independent vendors and flower shops involved because they will be much cheaper than the ones that the venue management will propose. Wedding flowers are a must at every wedding and you don’t want to go about your big day without them.

Where You Should Save?

Here are the things where you can get away with spending less money or none at all.

Unnecessary Signs

The “welcome to our wedding” signs and banners are pretty and all, but do you need them? These signs and banners are not at all necessary and they can add up pretty quickly too. That’s not to say that you’re going to save an astronomical amount of money by not getting these signs and banners, but they’re still going to be a waste and you want to be mindful of the things that you’re spending money on.


Wedding dresses are a whole different level of expensive and if you think about it, you’re not going to wear them ever again, so they either sit in your closet collecting dust or you donate them down the road. So, be smart about your wedding dress and explore options of either getting pre-loved wedding dresses or renting one for the day.

They’re not going to be as expensive as the real deal and you will still find your dream wedding dress in a snap and no one will ever know your little secret, because it’s not obvious at all.


Do you need to get a chauffeur-driven car for your wedding? Almost everyone owns cars and you do too, so why not use that? Transportation can add up quickly and it’s not even essential per se.

You can ditch this idea and go for your own car and if you don’t feel like driving, then have a designated driver from your family or friend group that will be responsible for driving you to and from the wedding. See? It’s much easier and it won’t cost you a fortune either. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Wedding Cake

You can directly save money on a wedding cake because the cake should be big and tasty enough to satisfy your guests. But you can try avoid going on onboard with unique flavors and toppings that cost a lot more than regular flavors.

Moreover, if you want to save, you may have to avoid the temptation of adding a desert table because it can easily double your wedding cake costs.

The Officiant

An officiant is optional. An officiant is no one but someone who officiates the wedding. Well, that can easily be done by someone in your family too. Grab your friend or even a family member and give them the role to officiate your wedding.

It’s easy and you don’t need to plan for anything ahead. Also, officiants have crazy fees and they’re not worth it. It’s not like they’re a priest or anything, so you can get someone close to you to officiate the wedding and call it a day. It is that simple and easy.


Weddings are really expensive and you don’t want to regret anything that you spend your money on, so use the above tips before going out to meet wedding tent rentals Damascus MD.