Countertop edges are a very important factor when you are considering countertop replacement and want to install a new kitchen countertop. You must keep a lot of things in mind when looking at different types of countertop edges. Some of the common and most famous countertops edge designs are.

Square Edged Countertops

This is one of the simplest and easiest countertop designs. It is a design in which the edges are at 90 degrees and the side view of the edge looks like a square. It is a very classic and sleek design, which looks modern and minimalistic. When you hear of a square edge, you probably envision sharp edges, right? But in countertop designing, these sharp edges are shaved down, due to obvious safety and injury reasons. A lot of the time, the sharp edges of an actual square can stab a child in the hand or on any part of their body, so when designing this countertop edge, the edges are smoothed out as a child-safety protocol. It keeps its square shape integrated, but it is also safe to have children around the countertop, without the fear of the children getting seriously hurt or injured.

Bull Nose Edged Countertops

A bullnose countertop is also a very child-friendly countertop edge. It is a smooth-edged countertop, which is rounded from all sides, hence there are no sharp or pointy edges sticking out, like the square edged countertop design. The bull nose edge looks like a semi-circle, and it is very safe for everyone, who’s roaming in the kitchen. One drawback of the bull nose countertop is that, since the edge is rounded and smooth and it also tapers down a bit, any liquid on the top edge of the countertop will slip and fall, because there is no boundary on this design. So, you have to be careful when cleaning these granite countertops. Otherwise, they are very famous among people and because of its round shape, it doesn’t break or chip off the edges and is long-lasting as well.

Demi-Bull Nose Edged Countertops

The demi- bull nose countertop edge is the best of both worlds between a square and a bull nose countertop edge. There are two ways people can implement the design of this edge. The first one is when the top of the edge is a square edge and the lower side of the edge is a rounded and smooth bull nose. The advantage of this design is that, unlike traditional bull nose edges, the square on the upper edge acts as a boundary and stops any liquid or small solid to fall easily.

The second countertop design of this category is when the upper edge is bull nose the lower edge is square. People choose from any of these two designs, but both designs have their own uniqueness and distinct applicability. You can easily choose from these designs and your kitchen countertop will look amazing, nonetheless.

Beveled Edged Countertops

Beveled edged countertops are also similar to a bull nose edged countertop, but there is a difference in the angles. In beveled countertops, the edge is tapered off at an angle. There are two types of beveled edged countertops. One is small beveled edged countertop. In small beveled edges, there is a 45-degree angle, but the angle is spread apart at only one-quarter of an inch of the outer edge. The other style of beveled edge is a large beveled edge. In a large beveled edge, the 45-degree angle cuts down to the middle or the midpoint of the edge.

Eased Edge Countertops

Eased edge countertops are the perfect blend of a square and bull nose countertop. It is not as pointy as square countertops and it is not as rounded as bull nose countertops either. It looks like a hybrid of the square edged countertop and a bull nose countertop. It is also a very common and famous design of countertop edges.

You should also ask your granite installer Durham NC on which edge suits your kitchen better. Edges may or may not also depend on the stone or material you have chosen. That’s why a countertop installer can guide you better on which edge would be perfect for your particular kitchen theme and needs.