Brazilian blowout is kind of a popular hair treatment which is escalating all bounds of popularity these days. Once you get Brazilian blowout from a hair straightening salon, you have to take care of a couple of things as an aftermath. Here’s what you should and what you shouldn’t do:

Do’s of Brazilian Blowout

Let your hair remain untouched for the next 72 hours

Do not touch your hair too much right after coming out of the salon. Let them rest the way they are. Try to kill all probabilities of your hair being touched either by your hands or any object. This pattern has to be followed for at least 72 hours, you can’t afford to not act upon this advice.

Use salon-recommended shampoo and condition for the after-care

If you choose a hair salon for yourself, it means you’ve put a good deal of faith in your stylist, try to linger on with this faith and use their recommended after-care products and do not self-experiment. Use a good shampoo and condition adhering to the suggestion of your hair stylist or salonist.

Steer clear of sodium chloride

Sodium chloride is a poison for your hair, it can get them ruined if you have Brazilian blowout done to your hair. Even after a couple of days, do not try to use any product that includes an ounce of sodium chloride. You have to give a wide berth to products having sodium chloride as one of the ingredients. Be very careful while choosing what you’re applying to your hair.

Avoid streaking for at least 14 days.

You can’t color your hair for at least two weeks after getting your hair done with the Brazilian blowout. There is no need to get your hair colored way before the Brazilian blowout, you can certainly get your hair highlighted after the Brazilian blowout, it is just that you have to wait for a couple of days because the chemicals take some time to sit well.

Wear a swimming cap if you jump into a swimming pool. Do not let water penetrate inside your cap

You cannot allow water to touch your hair, it can devastate the Brazilian blowout done to your hair. For a host of hours, you have to steer clear of water. If you can’t keep yourself away from swimming for the first 72 hours, you must wear a firm cap that is sure to stop water from pricking in.

Don’ts of Brazilian Blowout

Do not even try to tuck your hair behind your ear

When you step out of the salon after getting done with the Brazilian blowout, you cannot even touch your hair until it is absolutely necessary. People are usually habitual of tucking their hair behind the ear because if it leans close to the face, it gets them irritated. You will have to give your hair little leverage for 72 hours at the least.

Do not let your hair get wet during a shower

Firstly, you should avoid taking a shower with your newly straightened hair because there is a great chance for your hair to be wet. In case, you can’t avoid it and you feel it is absolutely inevitable to get a shower, avoid exposing your hair to the water. Try to perfectly cover your hair so that even an ounce of water cannot pierce through.

Do not accessorize any hair styling stuff

Just leave the hair as they are for at least a couple of hours. Do not try to pin them, or tie them — it is most likely to devastate your Brazilian blowout. You have let them stay in once place as long as you can. Therefore, do not use any hair accessories for at least 72 hours.

Do not use any gels or sprays

Do not try and use any gels or sprays that are going to affect your blowout. Please follow the routine you’re suggested to follow.

Do not use a cotton pillowcase

Be very careful of what you choose to keep closer to your hair when you are about to hit the sack. A cotton pillowcase should not be in close proximity with your newly straightened hair. Just use an alternative that suits your hair best!

Now you know that just getting the hair treatment from a Brazilian blowout salon Rockville is not the full story. You need to take care of your straightened hair for better results.