Rugs have come a long way since the first time they were introduced and you can find types other than tribal rugs. Now, there are many variations which are available for any kind of interior décor. Here is everything you need to know about hooked rugs.

How Is A Hooked Rug Made?

For a hooked rug, you will need a canvas first. This will be the base of the rug on which any design or pattern will be weaved or stitched. The material of the canvas can be anything. From burlap, to linen, to anything which is nice and durable which can hold its shape when the work is being done on the rug. Once the canvas is stretched on the workplace and a pattern is made on it for it to be stenciled into the rug, the worker will weave the wool through the stencil with a special kind of needle, called a crochet needle. This needle is thicker and helps to get a more textured rug appearance.

The canvas is held tightly on a frame while the stencil is being transferred on the canvas through the needle. This can be done by hand, but now it is done by many machines too. Once the loops are done, a layer of latex is applied to give a sticky base or an adhesive base to the rug. This will be the source of strength for the rug. Because each loop is pulled through individually, the design will look more precise and the finish will be even better than a tufted rug.

The Texture Of Hooked Rugs

The main and important feature of a hooked rug is the texture. The texture, because the loops are pulled on individually, gives a more rugged and rough appearance to the rug. If you run your hand over the rug, you will see a lot of bumps in the rug. This is the main indicator that the rug is a hooked rug, which uses the hooked loop technique. This technique is also more tough and the strength is amazing. It gives a good use of 5 to 10 years, if taken care of properly

If you are someone who enjoys the feel of chunky, thick rugs, hooked rugs will be the best option to go for. They also give a whole new vibe to your room and they don’t look very out of place, since they are different in design from traditional area rugs.

The durability of hooked rugs is also outstanding and they last much longer than any woolen rug. They are also available in a variety of sizes and designs so you can have floor length rugs or you can go for an area sized rug.

How To Take Care Of Hooked Rugs

Here are some tips and tricks on how to take good care of a hooked rug, to keep it lasting longer.

  • Always opt for dry cleaning the rug, because this will increase the longevity of the rug. As long as you keep the rug dry, there will be zero loose binds and your rug will last longer.
  • Any rug can accumulate dust, so the best way to clean a hooked rug on a regular basis is to shake it out rigorously. You will see the difference before and after shaking out the rug.
  • If you see any stain, clean it right away and let the rug dry completely. If any moisture gets trapped in the rug, it can lead to damage to the binds and loops. For cleaning a rug, use a normal detergent and use a light-colored cloth to dab the stain away. Don’t rub on the stain as this will ruin the rug and the stain will only spread more quickly.
  • Vacuuming is not advised for a hooked rug, because it can ruin the loops and the delicate hand work of the design and pattern.


Hooked rugs are great because they are not technically man made, so they are not as expensive as most handmade Persian rugs. Mae sure you’re purchasing a high-quality hooked rug by purchasing from reliable rugs on sale Northern VA stores only. Those rugs may be a bit expensive, but then will last longer.