A clogged drain is nothing less than a nightmare. It really halts everything else that you are doing because the water just won’t pass. And you may have to wait for drain cleaning services to solve this problem. Here are some things you can try if your drain clogs on a frequent basis.

Damaged Pipes

One of the main reasons why your drains can clog and remain that way is if your pipes are damaged. There might be small cracks and fissures in the pipes, which will cause small particles like soil and rocks to seep into the exposed part of the pipe. This will cause your pipes to become clogged and there will also be depletion of sufficient pressure in the pipe. This is a huge problem especially with pipes which are underground and are not checked timely for maintenance.

Underground pipes can be a hassle to dig up and get checked for small fractures and cracks, which is why this problem can increase in severity if you don’t get it checked on time. Damaged pipes will lead to blockage in the draining system and it will show in your drains as well.

Try to have your pipes checked and if they need to be changed and fixed, then this is what you need to do. This will save you a lot of time and visits from people who will fruitlessly try to open your drain, because they are not reaching the right problem, aka your damaged pipes.

Something Is Choking The Pipe

There are plenty of times when you use your toilet as a subsequent trash can. If you keep dumping things like feminine hygiene products, big clumps of tissues and even bigger pieces of things like toys and other articles which can get choked. These things can get stuck in your pipes and it can cause major choking and clogging issues. This will have a domino effect on the drains and pipes leading further out. These things are not soluble in water and they will probably remain stuck for a long time until they are shimmied out from the pipes.

Grease And Fat Choke Pipes

If your kitchen sink is getting clogged on a daily basis, then it might be due to the contents you are dumping in the drain. Things like food particles, fat and oil are the main culprits which can cause clogging in the pipes and the drains.

Oil and fat mix with the residual water and they start to make a thick layer of slug which tends to get stuck on the walls of the pipes and drains. This can be a very difficult situation and it needs a lot of effort to be scraped off from the surface of the drain and pipes. If you don’t do this, then there will come a time where these pipes will need to be changed or professional cleaned.

Dumping Tissues In The Drain

Tissues may seem like a very insignificant thing to get stuck in a pipe and clog the drain but they are a very common thing which are found in clogged pipes and drains.

Tissues, when mixed with water, turn into a paste and they get stuck in the walls of the pipes. This mixture hardens over time and becomes almost rock solid and it becomes a pain to remove afterwards. So, even if tissues are claimed to be water soluble, don’t flush them down the toilet, because they will get stuck and clog your drains.

Not Having The Pipes Checked Regularly

Last but not least, if you have underground pipes which are also drain lines, then it can be hard to check them every so often, but that doesn’t mean that you can leave them as is. You should inspect the pipes for cracks, leaks and even clogging issues. If you keep putting this off then you will experience a lot of clogging in your drains, whether it’s from your shower, kitchen or elsewhere.


There you have it! If you keep these habits and clean your drain regularly, then it will become less of a problem for you to deal with clogged drains. Try these things out and see for yourself. Otherwise, use drain contractors to clean the drain pipes.