Rugs can really bring out the best in your room or it could make it look all cramped and jammed if not selected or made use of in the right way. First, you should choose your area oriental or tribal rugs wisely and then you should deploy it astutely too.

There are many common mistakes that people make while positioning the rugs. We are going to mention some of those mistakes and will give solutions about it too. Here are some common rug decorating mistakes.

Getting a Rug Which Covers the Entire Floor Up To the Walls

The fashion of completely carpeted floors are long gone; instead, you should buy rugs which are smaller in length (not covering the floor up to the walls) and let the floor work as a border for the rug. Your rug should at least be 3 feet smaller than the entire room because the floor peaking from below gives the rug and the room a nice look.

Choosing a Way Too Small Rug

Just like extra-large rugs look bad; extra small rugs look bad too. Your rug should be of the perfect size; neither small nor big. If you are putting furniture on the rug then it should be big enough that you can put your feet and half the furniture (its front legs) on it, if you are putting a table on it then the rug should be 4 feet bigger than the table to make it look proportional and not out of proportion.

Choosing Your Rug at the End

If you’re decorating the house from scratch and wait until the last showpiece to choose the rug, chances are that you won’t be able to find a rug which will go with your rooms. You should always get the rug before other home accessories like showpieces, pillows or even the curtains so that you can set your room the way you want and find the color combinations you desire for your house.

Layering Dilemma

If you have small rugs and not big ones then you can try layering them in a certain way to make it look classy however if the color tones of the rugs are like north and south poles then you should use them separately or get new ones because rug layering can look nice if one color is neutral and the other is bright but two bright colors can’t work together. Generally, the smaller rugs are economical; so you can get three or four rugs with proper combination and then you can successfully layer them to get a good look.


Not Using the Rug Pad

Rug pads are the biggest lifesavers. They stop the rug from slipping, sliding and taking people with them on the floor. The rug pad will keep the rug firmly on the floor and is nothing like the rug tape which spoils the rug as well as the floor with its stickiness and which also doesn’t work. Make sure to use rug pads especially if you have rugs at the mouth of stairs or on the stairs because it can be dangerous to leave rugs without pad.

Not Getting Patterned Rugs

Patterned rugs can really brighten up your room. If you have a white room with white furniture and a white rug then it will look bland and flat. But, if you have a white room with white furniture and a dark blue patterned rug then the room will look alive. Don’t be afraid to buy wild and patterned rugs because sometimes that is all you need! If you are still not sure about patterned rugs then you can also get an expert opinion from any interior designer.

If you too made the above mistakes (or some other mistakes) while rug decorating in your house then don’t be ashamed because these mistakes are fixable and you are not alone in making them. Now that you know about these; you should make them right. If you are buying new Persian antique rugs Northern VA or moving to a new house then you should remember all these common mistakes and decorate your room while keeping these in mind. Always remember one thing; that rugs are the life of your house, buy them and utilize them wisely.