Natural disasters such as thunderstorms as well as strikes of lightning can damage your trees quite seriously. Everybody likes to have greenery everywhere and trees play a major role as well. May homeowners use tree services to take care of their trees. Therefore, what should be done in case your favorite tree happens to be damaged by a storm? Let’s discuss!

Repair & Inspection of The Tree

The very first thing before considering tree removal companies and assessing tree storm damage is considering your safety. If you observe that there are broken branches on power lines, then you might want to step back. You can call an arborist to take care of the job. Since chances are high that the branches will be wet, you do not want to take any chances at the same time. However, what you can do is assess the damage to your tree.

You can look for anything that is broken beyond repair, something that has uprooted, splits within branches, decay, holes, and thing as such along with the treetop being broken, etc. In such cases, if you observe that the tree is something you cannot handle, then you should call professionals right away before something snaps and falls on anything, hence damaging it. They will also clean the debris for you and since they have insurance with them as well, you can rest assured that in case of any damage you are already covered.

Remedies For Storm Damaged Trees

Upon finding something such as a limb, you will have to prune small branches that are broken. It can become a place for pests to live in. Do not prune branches that are too big or too high up. Cut the limbs that are broken in a way that they join the larger branch. If there happens to be bark protruding from where the break is existing, remove the branch and smooth the end with a saw.

How To Save A Split Tree?

Splits on branches that are small or deformed in any way will heal on their own, you do not need to be worrying about that. If you observe that that split is like a huge gash and it can be pruned, prune it in a way that helps it to heal sooner. In cases where the splits are literally to the point of being broken, then you might want to call professionals to deal with the situation as you would do with a doctor if a human injury were related to fracture or something, which cannot be handled by you.

Top Broken

In situations where the upper part of the tree is damaged or even broken, do not attempt to cut it. The reason being that such locations can become living places for insects etc and will create problems in the future for you. Even if your tree has a 50% chance of survival, call an arborist to deal with the situation so that the top can be removed safely. Another reason is that cutting off the top can affect the structure of your tree drastically. It may cause it to grow uneven.

Take Safety Precautions

Always take safety precautions. Even though it may be something that is not related but it in fact is and holds significant value. Before going ahead with repairing or pruning the tree by yourself, assess the tree properly for any damages and power lines that may have been affected as well.

Wait a while for things to dry and settle down after a thunderstorm or things as such and call professionals, as there can be electric wires broken or fallen nearby. Electric currents can lead to severe burns in such cases.

Getting Tree Services

Tree services specialize in tree care, tree pruning, and tree removal. As they see damaged trees almost daily, they can inspect and assess the storm damage better than a common homeowner. Moreover, they have relevant experience and special tools to fix the damage. In case of tree removal, emergency tree storm services Chevy Chase follow industry standard safety practices to ensure a safe removal process and no damage to the property. However, make sure you hire licensed services. They usually don’t offer dirt cheap rates, but they ensure safety.