Throwing anniversary parties is an excellent way to endure each other’s existence in your life. And if you’re the one who’s throwing the party for the couple, it’s the best way to show them how their love, commitment and understanding influenced you. Moreover, it gives a symbolic representation of how the part of life you spent being together matters to you. So, you should spend this big day of yours with friends and family. Thinking of organizing an anniversary party may seem like a hustle to you, but it is not if you do the arrangements with party and tent rentals.

This blog will give you a brief explanation about organizing an anniversary party. So, either you want a gathering with only some close people or a formal party, it is fun to organize it. Here’s how you can plan your anniversary party and cherish those beautiful moments.


It is better to start planning a month or two before the party. Or if it is more formal, then you can plan even four to five months before. Make a to-do list and prioritize the significant tasks. In the pre-planning, the major tasks include the following.

Setting Date And Time

It is good to throw your marriage anniversary party close to the actual date of your wedding. And set the time and date a few months before, so you can have enough time to organize everything properly. Plus, it will give your guests a room to manage their schedule and travel dates, if they’re coming from some far-off place.

Or if you’re throwing a party for the couple, you should better consult them before finalizing the dates. It is because they might have their own plans as well.

Selecting Venue

Choosing a location for the party is a significant step. And it all depends on your mood and what kind of location you want. Is it either outside or in a hall? Or do you want to travel to some far-off destination, the way you did at your wedding day? In this, the time of the event counts as well, because a day time event is entirely different from a nighttime event.

Moreover, it also depends upon the theme and the number of people you’re inviting. For instance, if you’re throwing a small get-together party, then you can host it at home as well.

Sending Out Invitations And Save The Dates

You should send party invitations to the guests 2-3 weeks before the party. And if it’s a formal wedding anniversary party, send save the dates at least a month before the party, so that your guests can plan accordingly. Also, do mention the date, time, location, and the theme of the party.

Planning Details

The detail planning of an anniversary party might include:

Food And Drinks

The most essential part of any party is the food. Most of the people come for the food. Therefore, you must consider it before throwing a party. It is better to set a budget at hand. And then accordingly hire a caterer or cook by yourself. If you’re hosting a small, you can cook by yourself, but if it’s a sizable formal anniversary party, it’s better to hire a caterer. Also, you can ask the guests to pay for the extra food they order.


An anniversary party should have dance and music. So, it’s better to make suitable arrangements for the sound system, music, and the dance floor. Most often, people hire music bands for parties. But you can go for other options as well, such as hiring a DJ.

Moreover, a formal anniversary party can include a speech from the couple. Also, relatives and friends can share their sentiments on this cherishing occasion.

Giving Favors

Lastly, to make your day memorable for the guests, you can offer them small customized gifts, such as glasses, photo frames, thank you cards, mugs and many more.

Booking A Photographer

Having photographs of your most memorable moments is such a convenience, and it’s a must thing. Therefore, hire a professional and a skilled photographer for the event, as you might not want to look at the messy clicks of the beautiful moments. Hire someone skilled enough to capture the moment as it is. You can also ask your party rental Rockland NY for a recommendation.