The sense of excitement and overwhelming stress of “what if’s” don’t let you sleep the night before your wedding. But you have planned everything and hired the right wedding tent rentals, decorators, and vendors, so you should relax and give yourself some space. Here’s a list of things you need to do before your wedding day to ensure you have a peaceful day ahead.

Spend Some Time With The Family

Life is going to take a beautiful turn. So, make sure you enjoy every bit of it. Appreciate the presence of your friends and family around you that are there to support you. Spend some quality time with them. Indulge in some good conversation, taking tips about the life coming ahead or maybe laughing together on your childhood memories. All of this will help you forget about other concerns for a bit. And it’ll help you relax.

Eat Healthy Meal

There’s going to be a wedding event, and there are guests too. Surely the tender, juicy, and greasy chicken wings are yelling your name. Or maybe you’re sleeping with your friends, eating pizza, and munching on Doritos. But, put aside your love for snacks and fast food for a single night.

Instead, it’ll be best if you keep your meal in check for the night. Eat fruits, nuts and drink some healthy fresh juice.

Bride Tip: Ensure you’re only eating food to fill your tummy and not your desire, even if it’s fruits and all.

More fruit isn’t going to wake you up healthier, anyways. Eat only what is necessary. Or else, you’ll wake up with a food hangover on your wedding day.

Pack Your Car

You’re not supposed to wake up on your wedding day with the stress of doing things and stuffing your car with the necessary stuff. Therefore, we advise you to pack your car the night before the wedding. Put a bag of your personal items and a clutch with more personal items already in your car.

Charge your phone and your handy tech. Then put the chargers in the car the night before, so you won’t run for the charger at the moment. Also, check with your car. The fuel, the tires, the car keys. Keep your car keys in your side drawer, so you know where to get them quickly.

Put Your Phone Aside

Those unnecessary congratulations, texts, and calls won’t let you sleep the night peacefully before your big day. Also, the excitement and stress together will be because you check your phone again and again. And then, the phone light will take your peaceful sleep away.

Better put your phone on silent or hand it over to someone who will be your point person that day. It’s your night, and you’re a queen for the day. Let your point person attend your calls and texts for you.

Double-Check Your Vendor Payments

You’re supposed to pay the vendors after your day is over. Don’t forget that in the hastiness of the day. It’s better to keep the process checked by yourself before assigning the task to your trusty uncle or your bridesmaid.

Keep it in check digitally. Or, if you’re going to pay the cash, then make sure you put it in clearly labeled envelopes before handing them over to your point person.

Check-In With Your Vendors

Make sure to remind your vendors about the event and the process the day before. Also, make them know about the time they must need to be at the wedding reception venue. It is better if you give them the name and phone number of your point person, just in case you don’t attend the call.

Pack Your Personal Items

Instead of the bag that has all your stuff, you need a small, more personal backpack. Make sure you stuff it with items that’ll keep you at ease during the day. You can make a list of things before. That list can contain:

  • A pair of flip-flops
  • Tissue papers
  • Pain killers
  • Band-Aids
  • Extra clips
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair Ties
  • Moisturizer
  • And a snack to munch on
End The Night With Beauty Routine

When you have done everything and checked in with your wedding party rentals Rockland NY, carry out your beauty routine. Put on your best moisturizer and some mask to help you reduce the oxidative stress on your skin.