A guest room is a lifesaver, especially when you have unexpected guests over and you want to give them a place to stay. In order to do that, you need to make sure that the guest room is well furnished. One of the ways to do so is through rugs such as contemporary rugs, tribal rugs, and Persian rugs. Here are some placement ideas for rugs in a guest room.

By The Bed

One of the easiest placements for an area rug is by the bed. This is a great way to keep the guest’s feet warm, especially if you have floors that tend to get cold during the night. It is also a great cozy addition to your bed and it makes the room look complete. You can place the rug right by the foot of the bed or the edge of the bed where you tend to take off your slippers and dive into the bed.

Under Some Furniture

Another placement suggestion for a decent-sized area rug is under some sort of furniture. This placement has a couple of benefits. One, any furniture which is bordered with an area rug looks spectacular and your furniture looks more put together.

Secondly, it also acts as a barrier between the floors and the feet of the furniture, and it prevents dragging and scratches on the floors if you tend to move the furniture around a lot.

In The Doorway

A great placement for a beautiful area rug is by the doorway. You can get creative with the patterns of the rug in this one. You want something which is vibrant but muted at the same time. You don’t want to throw off the design symmetry by incorporating a rug that is too bold or loud for your liking.

A rug by the doorway is a great way to keep the door from scratching the floor and it is also a great padded hallway if your guests like to enter any room barefoot. This placement will also make your room look more welcoming and warm.

By The Bathroom

This is another great place to add a rug if you are confused as to where you want to put a rug. Bathrooms are a great place for rugs. What you want to keep in mind is that with bathrooms, you want to avoid using wool rugs. These rugs tend to absorb a lot of water and water can actually ruin woolen rugs.

The best type of rugs for the bathroom is anything synthetic or a material that is water repellent. You will thank yourself later for choosing a practical rug material in the bathroom, which not only looks great but is also durable.

In The Center Of The Room

Another great way to incorporate a rug in your guest room is by placing it in the center of the room. This is a great illusion for the eyes and it makes the room look bigger and more spacious. Try to make out the center of the room roughly and then place the rug in that place. You will see that your entire room looks so much better. You can also play around with different shapes and go with oval, rectangular, square, or even round area rugs. All of them will look amazing.

As Wall Décor

Last but not least, you can also use rugs as wall décor. Who says you need to put rugs only on the floor? You can use a beautiful and vibrant rug as a wall tapestry. Wall décor and rugs go hand in hand and this décor adds an edge to your room.

It is very unique and you don’t see this very often, which is why this type of placement is perfect for the guest room. You will love the look of the room once the rug is mounted on the wall and people will remember this rug placement too.


There you have it! These ideas are great for any room, but the bottom line is that they will jazz up any room. Rug placement makes all of the difference in how a room looks. Find high-quality antique rugs Northern VA for your guest room and impress your guests.