As leaves begin to fall every autumn, branches that were covered in thick green leaves earlier, start to become visible. While most gardeners and home owners do not really get bothered by this natural phenomenon, it is a good practice to inspect your tree branches at this point in time. Furthermore, it is a good practice to call in local tree cutting services when this happens, to see which branches need some pruning. All in all, one must take full advantage of these dormant months. 

Why is it so important to prune trees? 

Well, there are a number of reasons due to which it is important to cut trees. Firstly, it is done to ensure that the tree looks and performs much better. Though, trees do grow without pruning also, it actually allows them to reach their full potential. As a result of this, the trees live a very long life. 

However, before getting a tree trimmed, it is very important to understand why it is important. Basically, tree trimming is done to ensure that the tree stays in good health. In this process, the diseased, dying, and dead tree branches are cut off. As a result of this, the remaining part of the tree continues growing properly. 

At the same time, near the ground, water sprouts and suckers start to steal nutrients from the tree. This, in turn, weakens the wood. So in a way, tree trimming and the maintenance of the landscape surrounding it can help you in growing the magnificent tree that you have always envisioned. 

While a big number of people do not consider the safety aspect of this, they are also a good reason to trim the trees. By trimming your trees, you can create a safer environment for your neighbors and your family. This is because cutting off the extended unwanted branches will reduce their risk of falling.

What is the proper way to prune tree limbs? 

Well, when you are shaping the tree branches and reducing them, make sure that your cuts are encouraging new growth. Furthermore, make sure that you are cutting limbs at least ¼ inches above the bud facing the plant’s outer surface. This is the direction for new growth, usually. Furthermore, also make sure that your cuts are at a 45-degree angle. This will prevent the chances of diseases and damage from water. 

How to prune thicker tree branches?

When trees are pruned properly, they form calluses at the area where the branch was removed from. These calluses are extremely important for the tree’s overall health. In general, three cuts are required for the prevention of damage. In this regard, the first two cuts are done to remove weight from the tree’s branch. Finally, the last cut is delivered in a way so as to encourage best growth of calluses. 

While tree pruning seems to be a huge project, it is not the case. Well, it certainly may take about two to three hours, but not more. However, in case you don’t do it right in the first go, it could actually take away your entire day. 

Ending note 

Proactive homeowners start pruning their trees as soon as they are planted. Furthermore, they also ensure that the broken, dead, and diseased branches are removed immediately. As a result of this, the trees end up looking very sleek and fresh. All in all, it enhances the overall image of the property. So, make sure that you are calling in tree removal companies Maryland at least once every year (or after every couple of months). This is to ensure great tree health.