Hair straightening salons that offer Brazilian blowout will give you the straightening treatment that will leave you with a hairstyle of your dreams. It is long-lasting so if you straighten your hair every day to achieve that sleek hairstyle, you certainly wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. But what all Brazilian blowout experts will not promise you is a guide as to how to take care of them after. What you’re not supposed to do and what you must. Her we have jotted down some dos and don’ts to help you out with you post Brazilian blowout treatment.

Don’t Rub Your Hair with a Cotton Towel

Rubbing your hair with cotton towel after you take a shower will create friction in your hair and thus you will experience kinks and a lot of bends after your hair have dried out. Not to mention the unnecessary frizz that will be there.

Do Rub Your Hair with Microfiber Material Towel

If you must use a towel use one with micro-fiber material. They are soft and will not create friction in your hair, leaving your hair silky, soft, straight, and dried out. You should do it whether you have straightened hair naturally or did it using a permanent hair straightening method.

Don’t Take Hot Showers

Hot showers are not a good option after getting Brazilian blowout. The Brazilian blowout salons always recommend to not wash your hair with scalding water, for it will melt out the keratin in your hair.

Do Wash Your Hair with Cold Water

After acknowledging the fact that hot water is not the best option for your hair, cold water is all that you are left with. But it’s not all too bad. Cold water is actually really healthy for your hair. The will close the cuticles of your scalp, and thus strengthening the hair. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary hair fall too

Don’t Brush To Fix Kinks in Your Hair

Brushing the kinks and bends in your hair will not help you get rid of them. Instead you will only be inviting more breaks and tears in your hair with those hard bristles.  Use soft nylon hair bristles instead to untangle your hair, but brushing them will not get rid of the kinks in them.

Do Iron Your Hair to Style Them

Flat ironing your hair is the best way for you to style your hair, since you can’t put in any accessories for the sake of kinks, ironing is the only way to get rid of them in case there happens to be any, however make sure that you use low heat.

Don’t Use Too Many Products

Using a lot of hair products after the Brazilian blowout would not be a very wise decision. When getting your blowout from the hair straightening experts don’t forget to ask them what product you should use for your hair besides the recommended shampoos and conditioners.

Don’t Heat Your Hair Too Often

Applying too much heat on your hair will melt away the keratin that was used to treat your hair. Be careful as to not expose you hair to heat as much as possible. It will only lead to further damage causing your Brazilian blowout to fade out.

Don’t Bleach Your Hair

Hair coloring salons use a lot of chemicals to bleach your hair. While getting you Brazilian blowout done, salons and hairstylists already use a lot of harsh chemicals for that sleek chic hair to last. Bleaching will burn your hair as they contain far heavier chemicals and will rip you of all the nourishment in your hair. Also, they may use words like lighteners for bleach, so be aware.

Do Color Your Hair Before The Treatment

Bleaching is certainly way out of the question if you have the slightest concern for the health of your hair. But if you really must color your hair then it is advised by Brazilian blowout salon Rockville that you wait at least two weeks before dying them on top your natural hair color. After having your blowout done, you will notice your hair color to be vibrant than it was before, thus making it difficult to apply color on top of them. After two or three weeks though, the color will fade out to a certain degree, making it easier for you to color them.