A washer is one of the most convenient appliances that you have at home or in your community if you live in a shared space. However, just like any other appliance, it is bound to run into some problems from time to time. Let us take a look at a few problems with washer repair tips.

Your Washer Is Not Turning On At All Or Stops Too Soon

The most likely reason for this is a bad connection. Check the power supply line and make sure there are no cuts in it. In case the breaker trips as soon as you turn on your washer, there is an internal short circuit somewhere, and you should promptly call an electrician to get it sorted out.

Improper Drainage Issue Is Making A Mess On Your Floor

Your washer has a drainage pipe on the side, connected to the washer by means of a rubber gasket to keep things properly sealed and prevent any spills. If a leak develops on either this gasket or the pipe itself due to a sharp object piercing through it, or sometimes simply due to age, the result can be a disaster, with soapy unclean water spilling all over your floor. To prevent this, make sure that your drainage system is in top order at all times, and replace either the gasket or the pipe as soon as you see the first signs of degradation.

There Is Vigorous Shaking When The Washer Is Turned On

Excessive vibration while the washer is in operation usually means that the foundation on which the main motor responsible for spinning the wheel on your appliance has broken or the assembly has gotten loose. This means that there is nothing to hold the motor in place while it does its job and as a result, it is shaking and clunking all over the inside of the washer, bumping into other components and putting them at risk of damage as well. Unfortunately, this is also one of those issues that you cannot repair by yourself and a professional appliance service is necessary.

Clothes That Come Out Of The Washer Smell Wet & Soapy

This is a problem with the drier function on your washer and could result from the air filters in the washer losing their performance over time, resulting in moisture still being left on the clothes one they come out after the wash. Remedying this problem is just a matter of replacing these filters and your drier will most likely go back to working condition.

There Is A Burning Smell Coming From Under The Washer

Burning smell coming from washing machine is a bad sign. It is possibly due to an electrical short or a burned motor, and can pose potential fire hazard, and therefore the first thing that you should do in such a case is to instantly turn off your washer and disconnect it from the main power supply. Once you have done that and you do not see any smoke, it is safe to examine the cause of the smell. You may have to turn your washer to the side to expose its underside and take a look at the motor assembly. Do not in any case, however, try to take apart the components and attempt a repair yourself, until and unless you are a licensed service person. If you are not, it is time to call one.

Clothes Are Not Getting Washed Properly & Have Stains

The reason this usually happens is because the detergent dispenser on your washer is not working properly. Depending on how severe the issue is, you may either need to get it repaired by a professional, or replace it entirely.

Water Spills Out Of The Machine When You Run A Load

This one is easy, and the fact is that it is not quite a problem but just a careless use of the washing machine. This happens if you overload the washer more than its capacity, and as a result, when you spin the dial, water comes erupting out. The only thing you need to do is take out a few clothes and run them a second time.

Lastly, if you washer is still showing signs of trouble, use an appliance repair Fairfax service to fix it.