HVAC installation mistakes are quite common these days. Following are some of the most common Mitsubishi AC installation mistakes.

Not Choosing The Right Appliances And Duct Systems

Sometimes you just have to choose the right equipment for your HVAC system. You should carefully choose the appliances and the duct systems you are going to install in your house or living place. It is generally observed that the people are not aware of the environmental conditions in their localities. People install and use systems that are not suitable for their region’s condition. Therefore, you should be very careful while choosing the system for your home.

Choosing Inexperienced Installation Team

Your HVAC system can definitely pose problems for you if you choose the wrong and inexperienced team. If the team is not an expert in installing the HVAC according to the specifications, it might create serious issues in the long run. Therefore, you should be very cautious while you hire a team for your HVAC system installation.

It is highly recommended that whenever you choose a team, you should check the customer reviews of the said company. If the team has excellent customer reviews over their previous works, you should hire and get their services

Using Poor Quality Equipment

The equipment you are using should be of great quality. It should come from a renowned and reliable hardware company. It is highly recommended that you use the best quality equipment no matter how expensive it is. HVAC systems are the backbone of a household; you should never compromise on them.

The equipment used should be of the highest standard and of high quality. Poor quality equipment destroys the HVAC systems as a whole in case of a short circuit.

Improper Replacement Procedures

Whenever you are replacing some component or part of the HVAC system, you should always do that very carefully. The parts should be replaced, keeping in mind the view that other parts are also up to date. If a part is changed in the outdoor unit, you should check the other parts in the indoor unit and the pipes also. This will ensure that all the components are in the right place.

Not Measuring The Exact Dimensions Of The Pipes And Ducts

When you are installing the HVAC system, you should always cross-check and measure the dimensions of the HVAC ducts. The ducts should be carefully measured and the lengths should be calculated accordingly. If the cut lengths are not equal to the present dimensions, you might face a serious issue in the long run. This issue can cause a lot of pipe length wastage. Therefore, you should be careful enough.

It is recommended that you should make a layout of the complete HVAC system along with its ducts and the other equipment. The layout will help you to measure and write the dimensions on a piece of paper.

Using Substandard Wiring And Electrical Components

The electrical circuits, wires, and components are an integral part of the HVAC system. The electrical wiring connects the components and helps in running the HVAC system smoothly. The electrical wiring that is being used in the HVAC should be of supreme quality. You should never use electrical wires and components that are cheap and substandard. The electrical wiring should satisfy international quality standards and should be of great quality.

Unchecked Joints And Neglected Follow Up

Whenever you are installing an HVAC unit in your house or commercial vicinity, you should always crosscheck the joints and wires. The joints should be well intact and there should not be anything loose. Any loose or unchecked joint might result in heat loss or air-conditioning losses. The pipes and ducts should be airtight. You should carefully check if the ducts are well intact and the joints are not showing any possible leakages. The leakages can be checked easily by personal inspection of the ducts.


The above-mentioned things should be carefully checked if you want to have a well-functioning HVAC system. These are some of the common mistakes that occur whenever the HVAC systems are being installed at a place. Be sure to hire expert HVAC repair services Huntington for installation so there is less margin of error.