Are you planning to start a construction project soon? Chances are that you will have to fine a crane for rent in order to lift all the heavy objects on the construction site. These heavy objects involve building materials and other equipment that is required on a construction setting.

So, of course, cranes are incredibly important for construction. If you are a construction manager, you would already know about the importance of cranes. Let us not go into that. Rather, we will focus on the different types of cranes that riggers and crane rental services can provide you.

This is extremely important because it will allow you to choose the right type of crane for your project. If you end up choosing the wrong crane, chances are that you will end up stuck and it will be difficult for you to proceed with the construction.

So, without wasting any time, let us get right into it.

What types of cranes are available?

There are probably several dozen types of cranes available in the market. However, not all of these are suitable for a construction site. Some cranes may only be suitable for transporting heavy containers in a dockyard. Similarly, other cranes may be suitable for other sites.

However, when it comes to construction, there are a certain common types of cranes that are mostly used. These include the following:

Telescopic cranes

Telescopic cranes are among the most commonly used cranes. These cranes include a boom. This boom is filled with a number of tubes inside one another. Using a hydraulic pump, these tubes extent out to a big length.

This allows telescopic cranes to lift objects pretty high and far. However, they have a limited capacity for weight, and the capacity should never be exceeded. Otherwise, there is always a risk of these cranes tripping over. And that is the last thing that you would want in a construction setting. After all, it could lead to dangerous accidents.

Mobile cranes

Mobile cranes are relatively smaller with a small load capacity. These cranes are used in smaller projects such as building homes. They transport materials over rough terrains due to their large wheels, and also use hydraulic cylinders. However, their smaller stature allows them to move through easily on a construction setting. This is why mobile cranes are particularly useful in the case of smaller projects.

Truck mounted cranes

As the name suggests, truck mounted cranes are simply mounted over a truck. This allows the crane to move around. Typically, there will be two operators of these cranes. One will be the operator of the crane part itself, and the other would be the driver of the crane.

These also come under the mobile cranes category. But since they are mounted on a truck, they are different than the regular mobile cranes.

Tower cranes

Tower cranes are large cranes that are fixed in the ground. They are particularly used to build large skyscrapers and buildings. For instance, they are often used in the construction of multistory apartment buildings and offices. Simply put, tower cranes are suited for large buildings.

These cranes are quite tall, usually a few hundred meters high. So, they are not mobile and are fixed in a particular area.


The above mentioned cranes are the ones that are most commonly used in the construction industry. Now, as a construction manager, you can decide which one of these cranes are well-suited for your particular project.

Based on that, you may reach out to the best crane rentals MD service and kick-start your construction project. We wish you the best of luck.