Commercial refrigerators are powerful but efficient machines that are designed to store several types of food items. However, sometimes, these machines can run into some problems such as freezing everything and you may need to spend money on commercial refrigerators repairs. If you notice that everything inside your commercial refrigerator is suddenly freezing, it means there is a problem somewhere. Do not panic, we are going to help you with it. Let’s begin!

Thermostat Temperature Has Risen Up

The thermostat acts like the brain of a commercial refrigerator. It keeps track of the temperature inside and communicates with the main control unit to increase or decrease the temperature. One of the possibilities of the refrigerator freezing everything might be due to the thermostat temperature going up.

Now, it could either be that the thermostat is faulty, needs calibration, or simply needs a battery replacement. In any of the cases, the thermostat will not be able to properly communicate with the refrigerator which will most likely cause a sudden increase or decrease in temperature.

It can also be that someone adjusted the settings of the refrigerator leading to a temperature that has frozen everything inside. Therefore, in such a case where your commercial refrigerator is acting fishy in terms of temperature, the thermostat is the first thing you need to check.

Leakage In The Gasket

Refrigerators come with gaskets and rubber door seals to prevent the air inside from mixing with the air outside and preventing moisture from entering. These gaskets and door seals have a lifespan. After a few years, the gaskets and door seals will develop cracks, which means they need to be replaced.

In the case of a leaking gasket, the air outside will find its way inside the refrigerator which will trigger the unit to maintain the temperature inside, leading to the freezing of the food items. Replacing the gasket and door seals is important to keep the unit running perfectly. Otherwise, constant mixing of both inside and outside temperature will lead to fluctuation, leading to an increase in monthly energy bills.

The Coils Are Dirty

If none of the above tends to be the problem, you will need to take a look at the condenser and evaporator coils. These coils work together to disperse heat and might not function properly if there is stubborn dirt and dust accumulation on them.

That said, it is equally important that you get your refrigerator cleaned at least once or twice a year thoroughly by a professional. Even though you can clean the coils on your own as well if you can access them and are willing to put in time and effort, you will be risking an injury or damaging the components as well.

Damper Dispute

It might be your first time hearing the term ‘Damper’ but for your information, it is a component that controls the amount of air getting to the interior of the unit. If there is a dispute with the damper, an excess amount of air will get into the interior of the refrigerator leading to a significant drop in the temperature and freezing everything.

This problem is rare with new units but quite common with older versions. So, if you have a commercial refrigerator that is a few years old, you can expect a damper dispute. Unfortunately, this is something that will require the attention of a professional. You will not be able to replace or repair it on your own.

How To Stop A Commercial Refrigerator From Freezing?

If you run a restaurant or café, you will be entirely dependent on your commercial refrigerator to store multiple food items. If it were to develop problems, you are most likely to be stuck. Therefore, it is easy to prevent any problems than to solve them, including freezing.

The first thing you need to do is adjust it to the correct temperature. Consult the user’s manual to see the ideal temperature for your fridge and adjust accordingly. Next, you need to make sure that the thermostat is working perfectly and does not require calibration.

And most importantly, check the refrigerant level. Sometimes, the problem could also be due to a leaking refrigerant, leading to frost buildup on the back of the unit. If you spot some ice, it means there is something wrong with the unit.

Commercial refrigerators are designed to defrost automatically but may get confused in the case of leakages. But if your refrigerator does not come with an automatic defrost option, you will need to make sure that you defrost the refrigerator manually.

Final Word

Concluding, if you are struggling to regulate the temperature of your commercial refrigerator, you should try the tips mentioned above. If that does not solve your problem, you should consult commercial refrigerator services and get the problem fixed before the issue threatens the essential components. topac