Both the terms, a fracture and a ‘broken bone’ technically mean the same thing. You shall call it whatever you want to as they mean the same thing. Bone fractures are quite common, though. Every year, Orthopedic doctors treat more than 7.9 million broken bones in the United States.

Still, regardless of what you hear, broken bones are not any worse as compared to a fracture. According to the Oxford Dictionary, fracture simply refers to the “act of being broken”. Though, there many different types of broken bones and fractures. Nevertheless, it is important to note that both of these terms do not refer to different things.

How to heal a broken bone quickly?

In the case of fractures and a broken bone, the healing process is quite slow. However, there are several things that you can do to reduce your recovery time.

Still, it is important to note that healing broken bones requires some time. Furthermore, it may also depend on several factors that include overall health, patient age, blood flow, nutrition, and type of treatment.

In order to help you out with a faster recovery, we have included a number of tips in this article.

These include:

Eat a balanced diet

Without a balanced diet, no human body process is possible. Patients who are healing from a fracture need a great dose of calcium and vitamin D, which could only be obtained through a balanced diet. However, calcium and vitamin D is not all that they need. In order to reduce the recovery time, patients should ensure that their intake belongs to all the food groups.

Avoid smoking

This may be a controversial recommendation for many people, especially smokers out there. However, it is very clear. Smoking slows down the healing process. This means that smokers with a fractured bone may have a slower healing time.

Furthermore, smokers are also at the risk of developing non-union (non-healing) of the bone. This is primarily because smoking changes the flow of healthy blood to the bone. This means that the bones do not get the nutrients that they need in order to heal.

So in case you have a fracture and you smoke, this may be the best time to quit your habit (for your own sake).

Watch the calcium levels

Make sure that you are focusing on all the nutrients. There is no doubt that calcium is one of the biggest requirements for healing a fracture. However, taking an excessive amount of calcium is not going to help you with faster recovery.

You just need to make sure that your calcium intake follows the recommended dosage. If not, try to consume some natural calcium or take a supplement. However, do note that mega-doses will not heal your fracture faster.

Stick to the treatment plan

Regardless of the treatment that you are suggested by a doctor, make sure to stick with it. Orthopedic surgeons Woodbridge may suggest treatments such as crutches, surgery, cast, and other treatments.

In case you alter a treatment ahead of its schedule, your recovery time may be increased. Similarly, do not try to remove a cast and walk with a fractured bone before your doctor allows you to. Otherwise, you will simply increase your recovery time.

Ending note

In order to increase your healing time, you need to watch your habits. This includes all of the things that we have mentioned above. In case you use these tips strictly, we can ensure you that your recovery time would be as small as possible. Otherwise, it may get prolonged to several extra months or even a year.