Flying with a dog might be difficult for you if you are allergic to dogs. Nowadays, more and more people are taking their dogs on vacation. According to a recent survey, the majority of individuals prefer to travel with their dogs in the car or on an airplane. In the midst of a flight, it will be unlikely, if not impossible, to find an allergist. Therefore, while flying, make sure you’ve done all the required safety procedures.

In contrast hand, cats are more prone than dogs to produce severe reactions and symptoms. If they encounter a cat, those with a mild cat allergy may have itching skin and a runny nose. However, they could also have swollen eyelids, itchy eyes, and congested eyes.

Individuals who have more severe symptoms may have an allergic response to cats and dogs.

Pet allergies must thus be treated extremely seriously when traveling. A medical emergency would be the last thing you wanted to handle while flying. Many people are unaware of the severity of pet allergies in this area.

Here’s how to fly without suffering if you have a dog allergy

In this piece, we’ve put together a list of tips you may use when flying. They include:

Purify the air

Make sure your flight attendant is aware of any allergy you may have before boarding by telling them about them. Once you’ve seated yourself in your seat, you may clean the surface using wet wipes to avoid an allergic response. The armrest, cloth chairs, and tray table are all included in this.

Be mindful of the length of the flight

The duration of time spent with animals directly correlates with the intensity of an allergic response. Airlines have a variety of limitations, each of which is slightly different. For instance, several airlines set limitations on how many dogs are permitted each flight. You might only be able to bring one pet on the a flight when using other carriers. To minimize your exposure, try to schedule long-distance flights with fewer animals on board.

Avoid getting too close to cats and pets

Before you board the plane, inquire with the airline about the presence of a pet in the cabin. The farther you can sit from the animal, the better. Without it, there is a chance that you’ll spend the entire vacation with swollen, itchy eyes. Although being close to allergens might be the cause, this is not always the case. Sometimes you can catch an allergen in the air because things like pet dander can easily become airborne. If it reaches you, then you can suffer from allergic reactions.

Toss the medications under your chair

Always keep your prescriptions nearby so you can give them as quickly as possible if you experience an adverse reaction. This manner, you can always keep a close eye on them. Instead of putting them away, place them directly in front of you or beneath your seat so you can readily get them. Additionally, you might want to take a Benadryl prior boarding if you’re travelling with pets.


Make sure you are aware of how severe your allergic responses are. Additionally, have antihistamines on hand at all times. Before boarding a flight, you may protect your health and make life easier for yourself by following some steps.

If you are not able to avoid such allergic reaction, it is difficult to do so while flying. The flight’s nurses won’t be able to help you other than with basic first aid. Visit an allergist Manassas before your vacation to be on the safe side. This enables you to prepare in advance and take all necessary precautions.