Eyelash extensions are a wonderful solutions for those who want to have mesmerizing eyes for the long-run. Since they can last anywhere from 6 to 8 months, you will not really need any eye makeup for as long as they are on. However, eyelash extensions are not a DIY project. Moreover, not every hair extension salon will offer eyelash extensions. So before you visit, do give them a call to confirm.

Rules of eyelash extension care

One of the biggest benefits of eyelash extensions is that they are quite eye-catching. On top of that, their care and maintenance is not very difficult either. All that you need to do, is to follow some simple rules and you’re good! In this article, we aim to list down all of these.

Don’t go into the water for 24 hours after application

In order to let the glue to settle in properly, it is important to avoid contact with water for at least 24 hours after the application. On top of that, always use an oil-free remover for removing makeup in order to prevent the glue from getting absorbed.

This rule is also applicable after hair straightening treatments. So don’t fret about it. It’s nothing but a mere requirement.

In order to clean the eyelashes, you could use a lash extension cleanser, which is totally safe. On top of that, there are a number of alcohol and oil-free eye removers specifically designed for eyelash extensions. These solutions come in a gel or a liquid formula.

Get rid of all the oil-based products

When it comes to lash extensions, skin-care creams, cosmetics, and products that contain oil solutions should be strictly avoided. These products will simply reduce the life of the lashes, as a result of which they will come off quick. In case you are in doubt, just look at the ingredients label of a product.

Wear little to no mascara

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of an eyelash extension is that you could have fuller-looking eyes without wearing a mascara. However, some women may still want to wear a mascara, at least occasionally. Well, it would be safe, for as long as the mascara is specifically made for eyelash extensions. Typically, these mascaras are water-based (not water-proof) and are considered safer. Still, however, they should only be used occasionally in case you want to prolong the life of your extensions.

Also, make sure that you are applying the water based mascara only to the tips of the lashes, with a single coat. Remember! No more than a single coat!

How to remove make-up with eyelashes on?

Cleaning eyes with extensions on can be a little tricky. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it quite easy.

In order to clean the eyes, apply some eyelash extensions safe cleanser to a cotton pad. Make sure that the cotton is saturated enough. This is because, otherwise, dry cotton may catch your eyelashes. Then gently rub it around your eyes and avoid touching the eye-lashes. This is because eye lashes are always susceptible to breaking, in case you apply unnecessary force.

When you want to clean your eyes, make use of a lash wand and brush through the eyelashes very gently. Make sure that you avoid rubbing the wand to the tips of your eye-lashes.

Exposure to excessive moisture is bad

Excessive exposure to moisture on an on-going basis is considered to be quite bad for the lashes. However, you can continue regular activities such as swimming, showering, and washing the face as you please. Though, remember that you should avoid contact with water for at least 24 hours after the application.

Ending note

For further information about eyelash extensions, do not hesitate to contact your local eyelash extension salon Olney MD. After getting linked up with an expert, lay down all of your questions and expectations. Once all of your doubts are cleared, you’re ready for it!