The sewer line is the heart of the plumbing system of your house. If your drain is blocking, there might be some issue with the line. The best solution is to get the line inspected from sewer cleaning companies.

How To Inspect The Sewer Line?

To view the inside of the pipes and sewer lines, experts use a high-resolution camera and fasten it to the end of a flexible rod. This rod is inserted into the pipes for inspection. The flexibility of the rod makes it easier to move it inside the pipes and sewer lines. The plumber is able to see all parts of the pipes, lines and corners. This is a traditional way of inspecting the sewer line.

If it’s a complicated sewer line, the camera is connected to a PIG (Pipeline inspection gauge). It’s a cylindrical mechanical body that can move through the pipes and the lines. You can also attach it to other equipment that can remove debris from the way.

PIG is not just used for inspection, but for maintaining the pipe and for sewer and drain cleaning. It has lighting features to provide a clear image of the pipes from the inside. You can see the images via a screen that is connected to the PIG using a flexible and waterproof line.

Both these cameras help locate the problem within the sewer lines, the pipes and the cause of the clog. A camera inspection isn’t used for fixing the problems rather, it helps the professionals decide the right fix for the damage.

Things A Camera Inspection Can Do

A camera inspection can help you with the following:

Locate the Lines

Most cameras come with location devices that send signals. Plumbers can pinpoint where the camera is by using a signal receiver.

Find Clogs

Do you think there is something wrong with the sewer pipes because the drain is getting clogged?  With a camera inspection, you can determine what is causing the clog. Most of the time, the block is due to mud, roots, broken pipes and other kinds of hurdles.

Type of System

If you are unsure what type of system is installed (PVC or cast iron pipe), with a sewer camera, you can dig into the pipes to find that out.

Sewer System Connection

The camera can show you the fittings and everything else about the connection. You can also use it at the connections for running water and see the water flow from one end to another.

Things A Camera Inspection Can’t Do

A camera inspection can’t solve everything. While it can help identify a number of problems, there is one thing it can’t do.

It Can’t Detect Leaks

The camera can’t determine if there is a leak in sewer lines. Even if you are sure there is a leak, you can’t use a camera to locate it. Wondering why? Here are some reasons:

  • A leak occurs when water escapes the pipe via a crack, break or hole. The camera can’t see outside the pipe. If the water is leaking out of the pipe, the camera can’t show that.
  • All the junk in the pipes makes it harder to tell if there is a leak.
  • Even if a plumber identifies cracks or holes, this could be in the buildup, not in the pipe.
When Is an Inspection Necessary?

If you have been noticing that your plumbing system is behaving oddly, call a plumber right away. The warning signs include:

  • Bubbling toilet
  • Clogged toilet and drains
  • High water bill
  • Foul odor from the drains
  • Flooded front yard

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, when you are planning to add another bathroom to your house, this might also require sewer line inspection.

Ideally, it’s recommended to contact a plumber to schedule an appointment for sewer inspection once a year. It will help you keep your drains in top conditions. It will also alert you about signs of damage that require repair before they turn into a major issue.

If you believe there is something wrong with the sewer system, don’t wait for the annual checkup and maintenance, contact a plumber right away for a thorough inspection.

Final Words

A drain pipe inspection with camera NYC can help you identify most of the major troubles with your sewer line. Don’t ignore the most important part of your house’s plumbing system.