Eyelash jobs from hair salons need to be done with sheer attention. There are always some boo-boos that you need to be watchful of while you’re getting your eyelash extensions done. Here’s some common eyelash extension mistakes that you could avoid in future.

Sleeping with the makeup on

Sleeping without taking the makeup off is not a great idea, it is in fact quite an absurd idea which you should never lend an ear to. No matter how tired you are, no matter how groggy you feel — you just have to get rid of the layers of makeup you have put on your face including your eyes. It is not good for your artificial eyelashes to be resting on your face covered in compact or anything like that. Make sure to get all your makeup removed before going to bed.

Not avoiding oil-containing mist for as long as you are keeping these lashes

Note to yourself, oil is a big no-no; oil is something you need your eyelashes to be away from. Oil is like a poison that can reduce your eyelash extensions’ life in next to no time.

Some people are habitual of applying facial mist once every 24 hours. Well, most of those mists contain some quantity of oil which can prove to be lethal for you and your extensions. So, here is a piece of advice which can help you stay away from any such harm coming your way. And, it’s just not about the facial mists; any other makeup product that has something to do with the oil is fatal for your eyelash extensions.

And, in case you have an oily skin, you better keep it clean and dry until your extensions are there. At least the area under your eyes should be oil-free all the time because that’s where your lashes rest.

Not steering clear of mascara especially damp mascara

Mascara can at times make your lashes torn apart; many people have experienced it with their real lashes too. So, when you have something so sensitive attached along with your organic lashes, why do you think it would not be a risk to mold those lashes in a slightly upward direction? Of course, it would be a big risk; it’s something you need to steer clear of. Besides, when you have lengthy and beautiful eyelashes, you do not need anything else to further embellish it. So, just keep your mascara at an arm’s length for a good period of time.

Not getting partial refills

See, there is a fact that you need to embrace — your eyelashes are never going to stay forever, one day or another, they are going to fade. But, in case, you want them to stay longer than their usual span, you can always rely on refills — you can have as many refills as you want — no salon is coming short of fills and refills. It is still better to have a partial refill instead of a full refill; partial refills are a lot less costly than full refills, they tend to serve you the same purpose but with less money.

Forgetting to comb your lashes every night before going to sleep

It is so much better to get your eyelashes combed every night before hitting the sack. Lashes are basically tiny cracks of hair which tend to tangle and intertwine no matter what their size and length is; therefore, it is always better to get them unmingled using a tiny comb with very small yet wide teeth. If they ever get intertwisted, there is a huge chance that they might start falling apart at the seams and it is something you would never want to happen at any cost, you wouldn’t want your eyelash extensions to be breaking or tearing apart before their usual time.

Not staying away from heat and humidity

There are certain weather conditions that go really hard on your eyelash extensions and you need to be watchful of them. Extreme heat and humidity is one of those ultra damaging conditions that you need to look out for. Try to wear sunglasses when you are outside so that your eyelash extensions are always protected. Go to eyelash extension salons Olney MD with skilled staff to avoid bad eyelash jobs.