The horror when you step in the bathtub and immediately after turning the tap you notice that it is clogged. Do not fret, we have all been there. But how can you fix it at that time since you can’t call the rooter service while you are in the bathtub? We have compiled a list of some handy tips that can help you fix your problem instantly.

Take a look at them since you never know when you might need them.

Using A Drain Plunger

The best way to fix your clogged bathtub drain is to use a drain plunger. By using the pump, you can immediately unclog your clogged bathtub drain.

Read the steps and follow the instructions.

  1. Firstly clean the surface of your drain for any physical residue.
  2. Remove the drain strainer from the drain pipe. Most of the time the drain strainer is fixed with a screw. You will need to unscrew it with a screwdriver.
  3. Many sanitary fittings come with an additional stopper that serves as a water retainer when you fill your bathtub. Remove the stopper too. Then pump the plunger onto your drain at least 8 to 10 times. Subsequently, remove the plunger and see if any gunk has come up or not. If there is no gunk, then press the plunger harder with more force, and this will surely clear your clogged bathtub drain.

Using Tub Draining Liquids

This is also a handy solution. Almost all toilets are stocked with drain openers.

But what needs to be kept in mind is that all drain openers aren’t intended for use everywhere around the home. Most brands have a specific range that caters to bathtub drains since they contain sulphuric acid or some similar acid because drain cleaners that work for kitchens may be too harsh for bathtubs. The plumbing lines will get damaged.

Better to read the box or bottle for instructions before usage. Also, be cautious about the quantity too. Some drain cleaners are so concentrated that just a teaspoon is required, whereas some will require you to use half of the 500 ml bottle.

Whether you use a concentrated or diluted version, never use them with bare hands. Always be vigilant about skin contact. Use gloves to protect your hands and wear a mask if you have allergy issues.

Using Baking Soda And Vinegar

This is one of those hacks that work magic for almost all clogged drains. You will just require two basic things that are already in your pantry.

  1. Boil a pot with water; you’ll need more than a liter for this purpose. Put a handful of baking soda into the clogged bathtub drain and pour distilled vinegar over it.
  2. Immediately you will notice fizz appearing. The acid from the vinegar is reacting with the bicarbonate of the baking soda. Keep a time check. After around 15 minutes, pour the boiling water over the drain and you’ll notice that without delay it is flushed off the gunk inside.
  3. Run hot water from the bath tap to ensure that there’s no blockage ahead.

Using A Drain Claw

This is also one of the handy tools that don’t disappoint.

  1. First, you’ll have to screw open your drain strainer and stopper. Take a matching screwdriver and unscrew it off. Keep the screw somewhere safe otherwise; you’ll be on the search for it when the drain is unclogged.
  2. Wipe away any visible traces of dirt or gunk from the inside. You might need to scrub it off if the need arises.
  3. Then immerse a drain claw down the drain pipe and keep pressing it inside until it reaches some surface which is the curve of your drain pipe. This is where the gunk, hair, scum gets deposited over time. Screw the drain claw around that mass, and pull it out. You’ll be surprised by the amount of stuff that has accumulated inside.
  4. Run clean tap water preferably hot water down the drain. Then place the stopper back and screw the strainer in place.

We hope that most of these tips will come in handy when the need arises and bring back your drain in working condition. If the issue is severe, use a drain cleaning service Greenberg.